‘More than the act of simply crooning the blues on a microphone, singing is truly about having meaningful takeaways’

about us

Singing is a natural joy. It generates good vibes, helps you to release pent-up stress and emotions, detoxifies your cluttered heart and harmonises you through the lyrics and tonality.


You can use singing as an activity to promote team bonding, leading to greater happiness and creativity, to improving productivity.


Team building events are about having fun, communication and bonding together. Singing is a medium that connects everyone together through its rhythmic melody. Singing from your inner self is completely fulfilling and therapeutic. Its effects can be applied in many aspects of life.


What sets You Sing I Sing We Sing Together apart from other event companies is our niche, highly personalized and customized approach in creating an event of your needs. Using karaoke-based environments, we aim to develop team bonding via engaging themed activities and innovative game ideas that are suitable for everyone to enjoy within the event.


Our themed-singing events are highly suitable for friend gatherings, work functions and team-building events. No matter the occasion, you'll be guaranteed to let your hair down and immersed in the act of bonding through singing and having a good time in a cozy indoors karaoke setting.