As your friendly event planner,

We customize events for you, according to your corporate or personal objectives using singing or music in karaoke environment settings.

Because we are all creatures of rhythm, the natural elements of music uplift our environment and connect us soulfully with one another on a rhythmic level.


We are ACTA-certified and specialize in karaoke events facilitation. As your karaoke event consultancy, you can be assured that your objectives are met base on creative, fun & educative methods for participants to take away after a heart-warming event with your company or extended family.

​In planning your desired event, we facilitate team-bonding via engaging karaoke-themed activities and innovative game ideas that are suitable for everyone to enjoy within the event.​

Breaking out in hot sweat is not part of our protocol; our events are indoors. As an event planner, we understand the hefty logistics in planning your event; you may therefore leverage on our forte to develop your desired event and leave your guests with a personalized and memorable experience!

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